How to Build an App in 9 Simple Steps

Over the past decade, mobile apps have replaced desktops as the main computers in our lives. The time users spend on mobile devices continues to rise year after year. Because of this year over year rise in usage, it is more important than ever to develop a mobile application. Providing an easy to use and […]

Does my business really need an app?

Does my business really need an app? This is definitely a question that a lot of business owners ask themselves. We’ve seen it a lot while working with our clients. Sometimes it is a pretty obvious “Yes”. More often is a pretty murky “Maybe”. The positive of this situation is that today’s technology allows for […]

How Much Does a Responsive Website Cost?

What is Responsive Website Design? The overall cost of responsive website design is different based on multiple factors. Typically, there is no way to provide a general overall cost of a responsive website design service. The benefit of responsive website design is that your website or web application displays properly and is functional on all devices. […]

4 Reasons to Convert a Spreadsheet into a Mobile App

Spreadsheets have been around for decades and it’s a great tool for businesses that just need to organize data and use some simple equations. Unfortunately, businesses can quickly find themselves in a tricky situation where they’ve outgrown their spreadsheets and need a better solution that is tailored to their business. This solution is to convert […]